There are 200 million tokens total.

70 million were earmarked for the sale. Those that were not sold (about 48 million) were automatically locked for a year and were returned to the company. They are a resource and likely will be up for sale again in the future.

Another 70 million are for company use, for whatever purposes deemed necessary. Of those, nearly 10 million were available at the start, 20 million were locked for one year, 20 million for two years and 20 million for three years.

The other 60 million were set aside for promotional and marketing purposes. Half of those were locked for a year.

The purpose of the token is to provide both the operational and execution models for the cybersecurity controls. It also will provide a store of value on a device as machine money with policy that can provide an automated utility, using the trust models to assure tokens are only spent on the services defined by the owner.

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